Dog Training Services

Pre-Training Evaluation - Fee: $25.00 (Payment due when evaluation performed)

This is a prerequisite to training. This session is approximately 1 hour in duration. It includes a meet and greet with you and your dog. We also discuss:

  1. the day-to-day routine you’ve established with your dog;
  2. your dog’s history, current skills and behavioral concerns;
  3. your training goals; and
  4. customizing the right training program for you and your dog(s)

Private Classes

Many clients prefer private one-on-one classes. It affords the dog owner(s) the convenience of having their dog(s) trained during a day and time that fits into their busy schedule. Unlike a group class, a private class enables you and your dog to receive full and undivided attention which maximizes what can be accomplished in approx. 1 hour. (Refer below to review the training programs offered.) A training program can also be customized to meet your needs. My method of training is using positive reinforcement with food rewards. I do not use physical corrections.

The obedience commands generally taught and problem behaviors treated are those listed below in the Obedience Training and Problem Behavior Tables.

After you and your dog complete the training program, if you have any questions regarding what was taught, phone consultation is available to you for six months from the date of program completion, at no charge.

Six Week Program (discounted) - I conduct training at your home spending approximately 1 hour each week working with you and your dog to teach your dog what is expected of him/her in responding to obedience commands and displaying good behavior. I will show you the proper commands or techniques to bring about positive results and, as appropriate, explain why such command or technique is given a certain way. While in my presence, you will work with your dog using the commands or techniques taught. This is to ensure that you are comfortable practicing the training exercises with your dog. I will also introduce leadership and relationship exercises for you to implement with your dog.

Six Week Program – (approx. 1 hour per week)

Price(Discounted): $495


  • Leadership/Relationship Exercises (If Needed)
  • Obedience Training and Practice Exercises
  • Problem Behavior Resolution (includes Treatment Plans)

Per Visit Training Program

Price Per Visit : $90
Minimum of 2 Visits Required. (Each visit approx. hour)


  • Leadership/Relationship Exercises(If Needed)
  • Obedience Training and Practice Exercises
  • Problem Behavior Treatment Plans

Note: If you are interested in something other than the items listed on the charts below, please inquire as to whether it is offered.

Obedience Training

Sit Down
Name Game Focus
Stay Come
Heel Loose Leash Walk
Leave it Settle

Problem Behaviors

Barking Begging
Inappropriate Chewing Puppy Nipping and Mouthing
Digging Housetraining
Unruly Behavior in the House Bolting
Jumping on People/Furniture
Separation Anxiety
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