"We inherited a 3 year old female Yorkshire Terrier from an owner who could not take care of her anymore due to poor health. When “Lilly” arrived at our house, she was almost out of control. She barked incessantly, attacked you if you came up to her when she had a bone in her mouth or anywhere close to her, and hid in the closet refusing to come out when called. She would bite anyone who tried to get her out of the closet. We ended up screaming at Lilly all of the time trying to get her to behave better and that did not work. We knew screaming was not the right method to correct her but we lost our patience because nothing else seemed to work.

Nicole spent a week of working with us and Lilly. As a result, everything changed for the better. Nicole identified basic areas we needed to work on first. She worked with Lilly and then taught us how to react to her and how to train her. We could not believe how much better Lilly behaved after only one week. Because Nicole does not live near us she provided a written plan for us to use to continue training Lilly.

It is so much more pleasant to be around Lilly now. We have followed Nicoles’ suggestions and Lilly responds very well to them. We still have a long way to go because it is impossible to undue 3 years worth of bad habits in one week, but we are well on our way. Nicole is an excellent trainer. We are so sorry she doesn’t live in the same area so that we could continue to use her training expertise."

- Helen and Doris

"I really enjoyed the times Nicole would come and train Sparkey and Dumpling. She was very professional, loving and concerned about any issues we had that needed to be resolved. She worked on some persistant problems like; nipping, jumping on people, and command response. After they both had finished their training there was a marked difference in them. They were happy to obey and I believe wanted to the whole time, but I just hadn't taken the initiative nor had the known how. I was so grateful to have had them experience that level of training in their first year."

- Virginia

"Nicole, we truly appreciate the time you spent teaching Happy various obedience commands and showing us how to train him. We also had a great time at the park working with you to teach Happy the "Come" command from various distances and playing fetch with his frisbee. Thank you for being flexible with the scheduling of Happy’s training sessions so that all of us could participate and enjoy seeing him learn new commands. He is such a wonderful dog. He always loved seeing you when you came for his training session and especially getting food rewards when he performed well. Please stay in touch!"

- Cynthia and Julie

"We got our first dog-a chocolate Lab puppy-in the fall, and didn't know what hit us! Sadie was full of puppy energy, and we wanted to nip some bad behaviors in the bud. After doing some research and speaking with several area trainers, we decided to work with Nicole, and are so happy we did. Nicole clearly knows a lot about dog behavior, and was willing to consider different approaches to achieve the desired ends. She was very organized (at each session, we received detailed training instructions for the week), responsive, flexible and calm, and our puppy loved her. We also appreciated that she was willing to really listen to us, and to work with us to address particular requests or concerns that we had. We noticed a big difference in Sadie's behavior after training with Nicole, and we now have the right foundation and tools to continue obedience training with Sadie. We would (and have) wholeheartedly recommended Nicole to anyone who has a dog in need of obedience training-you won't regret it!"

- Allison & Doug

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