Terms & Conditions


The Pre-Training Evaluation fee is due at the time the evaluation is conducted.

Payment of six week training package is due on or before the training start date. A deposit of 50% of the program charge is required at the time Owner signs up for classes.

Payment of Per Visit training rate is due at the time of each training session.


If the owner postpones any of the lessons, they can make up the lesson within two months from the date of postponement. After two months, if the Owner has not made up the lesson, the Trainer is no longer obligated to provide that lesson.


The Owner may withdraw their dog(s) from training at any time. However, once training has begun, all fees are non-refundable.


After completion of the training program, phone consultation is available at no charge to the Owner for six months from the completion date to answer questions pertaining to any topic covered during training.

The Owner is responsible for purchasing all necessary equipment that the trainer recommends for training.

The Owner is advised to work with their dog(s) for 5 minutes 2-4 times each day. No guarantee can be made regarding the outcome of any training/counseling program since the success is based on many factors.

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