About Nicole

Nicole Kibler, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, retired early from corporate America. Since she enjoys making a difference in society, it was not a difficult decision for her to continue working. Only this time, she wanted to fulfill her passion of teaching dogs how to become wonderful companions. To accomplish this, she educates dog owners on important relationship exercises, and working with the dog, she shows the owner how to train their dog using proper obedience commands and methods. Also, if a dog has developed specific problematic behaviors, such as routinely jumping on people, Nicole teaches behavior modification techniques.

Nicole is a graduate of Animal Behavior College. She’s enhanced her education and skills by doing her internship with a well respected local Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Nicole also volunteers her time at a local Humane Society training dogs to be obedient and working with them on behavior modification using only positive techniques so that they can become more adoptable. When she sees dogs going to their new homes with loving families, there is no greater reward to her.

The Story of Bella

Bella, one of my very special canine friends, and I had the good fortune of meeting a couple of years ago. She had been a foster dog. I remember that day because she had a broken leg, but still hobbled over to me, with tail wagging, to say hello in her loving and gentle manner. She now lives with a very loving family and has other dog and cat friends to play with. With her calm demeaner, she is the peacekeeper amongst the dogs when things get too stirred up between them. There’s no doubt in my mind that Bella would make a great therapy dog. During times when her owner was working, Bella and I would take long walks together through Lake Barcroft where I spent time teaching her how to heel and walk next to me rather than ahead and pulling me. She was a wonderful student. I will always have a special place in my heart for Miss Bella.

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