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When should I start my puppy on training?
As soon as you get your puppy! The earlier you begin training your puppy, the easier it is for your puppy to make it part of his everyday routine.

Iíve heard that itís important to socialize a dog. When should this be done and why?
The optimum time to socialize a dog is before it is 5 months old. Ensuring your dog is properly socialized is probably the single most important thing an owner can do to guard your dog from becoming aggressive.

My puppy is constantly having accidents in my house, and I find it very frustrating. Can you help in correcting this problem?
I can educate you on the proper way to potty train your puppy, which has been successful for years. However, during this process, you will need to be patient with your puppy and consistent in following the instructions I provide to you.

Will my dog be completely trained in 6 weeks?
Much of your dogís success depends on your commitment to practicing with your dog a few minutes each day. With proper training, dogís have the ability to learn to be obedient and display good behavior. However, as with humans, some dogs learn faster than others. This is why being patient is important. It is very exciting to see your dog progress with either obedience or behavior modification training.

Iíve heard that trainers donít always use the same training techniques and methods? What can I expect from you?
The primary training method I use is positive reinforcement with food rewards. With positive reinforcement, the dog is lured into the desired behavior and rewarded. The dog and handler work together in a positive harmonious manner to accomplish training objectives. Under my training, the dog is not forced into achieving the behavior.

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